lyla turns 3

I’ve been doing so good about not getting so emotional about how fast time is flying, and then…. lyla turned 3. It hit me hard for some reason, and I can’t even give it words. The poor girl ended up being sick on her birthday, so we only have photos from the morning.

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2 thoughts on “lyla turns 3

  1. poor baby! sink two years in a row, not fair!!You made the morning so special and that is all she will remember. I cannot believe how fast time has gone, I am glad she is such a lil peanut and can still fit in your arms so nicely still. And out of the three, she is the biggest momma’s girl, yet! What a cuddle bug~

  2. The crown is priceless!! You made her day look like she was the most special girl on the face of the earth! No better Mother around for our little Lyla. She’s so perky even when she’s sick. Her smile wins me over every time!!!

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