this weekend i brushed out lyla’s curls and pulled her hair back in her first pony tail. she looked so old, i almost coudn’t stand it! finley kept saying, ‘i know that’s lyla, but it just doesn’t really look like her’. our baby is growing up!


4 thoughts on “pony

  1. She is so cute! the girls have such beautiful profiles. I can not believe how grown up she is getting. Very nice job on the blog, my daughter has a .com impressive!!

  2. she is so cute, but this is making me sad…its just another step of her not being a baby!

    also, the blog looks perfect! good work!

  3. I couldn’t believe I was looking at our little Lyla! She’s catching up to her sisters just too fast! I just want to squeeze her in that pony! What a doll!
    Once again- you amaze me on your artistic ability….beautiful job on your site!

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