finley’s 5th birthday

this week Finley turned 5. i’ve been a little wistful about my first baby turning FIVE, but i loved watching her excitement and joy on her special day. we kicked things off with her birthday date-her special outing with JUST mommy and daddy. in true finley fashion, she chose to go to dinner at red robin. after dinner we let her pick out a small gift. she made a bee-line for the princess aisle and chose a little carriage for her princesses to ride in. it was, of course, quite an exciting night for my girl who loves quality one on one time more than anything.

on her actual birthday she had a little tea party with a few of her girlfriends.

it has been sooooo long since i’ve been able to do anything crafty, so her and i had so much fun planning a girly party.

her little friends were so sweet her, and you could tell that she felt extremely loved and celebrated. that’s a success in my book!

more photos in the album.

2 thoughts on “finley’s 5th birthday

  1. The party was simply adorable! all the girls acted like such little ladies, perfect manners and playing quietly. your table scape was amazing, love the color palette. The fabric was perfect , the little pop of orange was just right. The girls are so lucky to have such a loving and creative mom, who enjoys doing such fun things. well done, momma~

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