9 thoughts on “oh boy!

  1. That is the cutest announcement ever!!! I am so excited for your family and we all know how well stocked you are for a girl. I love seeing all the cute stuff passed on to each girl. Brian has no idea what he is in for when they are teens! I am sure he will handle it like a pro. Congrats!

  2. is this one that gets to be named after auntie crystal….??? 😛 haha just playin, CONGRATS!!!! i bet finley is stoked to have TWO sisters!!

  3. What could God have in store!! I am thrilled that the “sisters” will all have each other as they navigate through life. What a blessing this new darling is going to be to the family. As for Brian- he was always surrounded by girls growing up…so this is nothing new! He’s a pro :)–and Meghan- I am so happy you will have your daughters to be close with – there is nothing more wonderful!!

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