outtakes with lyla

I have been wanting to get some video of lyla talking before she’s too fluent and articulate. her voice is so cute, we basically think everything she says is adorable and hilarious. of course, she would not count, sing, or even tell me her name. I guess these outtakes will have to suffice. here’s our silly girl at 27 months.

snow fun

boy, has it been an exciting week around these parts. we finally got the snow we’ve been wishing for all winter, and we got TONS of it. so much that trees were falling down all around us under the weight of the snow. we lost power for 3 days, got it back on for a day, and lost it again for another day. it was an interesting couple days to the say the least, but i was so proud how our girls just rolled with punches.

we got a kick out of watching lyla with these socks on her hands. they didn’t slow her down one bit or keep her from playing with her toys of picking up food.

sleeping in her car seat in front of the fire.


here’s a video of our snow fun. a few things i would like to point out:

1. there is nothing cuter than a toddler trying to walk in snow gear. so cute!

2. when we went sledding it was freezing rain and soooo windy. finley was hardcore!

3. brian and finley went on 30 or more runs without falling. i went on 1 and fell.

4. i almost peed my pants laughing.

i know that brian, like a lot of men, wasn’t ecstatic about the unexpected time off work. he gets antsy worrying about deadlines and money, but he really made this week a lot of fun for us. thank you b for making the girls chocolate milk on the bbq, buying a $50 sled when everything else was sold out- i know it went against every fiber of your being, for driving us around the icy roads, for warming up the girl’s blankets in front of the fire {even though you accidentally singed finley’s special baby blanket}, for being a fun dad who plays with your kids in the snow, and for pushing aside your work worries and making our week a memorable one.