adalaide and lyla started a new session of ballet yesterday. this is lyla’s first time participating in an activity and she was sooooo proud of herself! she stuck right next to adalaide the whole time. i love that they are so close in age and can do stuff like this together! the teacher knew adalaide from last year’s class so she had her help “lead”. If you know adalaide, you understand how much this meant to my reserved girl. My heart was bursting watching her be so confident. I think she even let it go to her head a little, because when I was telling lyla what a great job she did, adalaide said “yeah, but she wasn’t really watching me like she was supposed to”. ha!

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remlinger farms in video

The fall festival at Remlinger Farms is something the girls look forward to all year long. We always buy enough groupons to go twice, because it is THAT fun. This year we had an extra ticket so we brought along my nephew. (incase you’re wondering who that cute little boy with us is)

make sure you watch it in HD :)