fancy make-up

these pictures look a little planned, with the matching dresses and all…but actually they were just trying on their Easter dresses, and finley begged to put on some fancy makeup. i had to run and grab my camera because the whole thing was just too much. i never, ever, EVER like all {or nearly all} the pictures i take. but i pretty much thought every single one of these was adorable-which is why i’m posting so many :)


we took the front side off adalaide’s crib, since she keeps trying to climb out. now that she’s ‘free’ i’ve found her asleep in some interesting places. i freaked out today when i couldn’t find her, but there she was fast asleep in her big sister’s bed. it was pretty darn cute!


i am not above bribing my children when the situation calls for it, and taking all 3 girls in for check ups is definitely a situation that calls for it. finley has a pretty severe fear of strangers, so taking her to the doctor/dentist is a nightmare for everyone involved.  in fact, once she had to send an apology card to our sweet pediatrician for kicking her during a check up. there weren’t any punches thrown today, but somehow i ended up promising the girls and arm and a leg IF THEY WOULD JUST PLEASE STAND STILL ON THE SCALE FOR ONE GOSH DARN  SECOND!! 

The only sweets we had in our house were these gigantic lolly pops that i was going to use as a decoration for something.


and when the allure of the lolly wore off, they were promised a special something from target…

see that smile? it says ‘my mom is a sucker’. and i am.

mama’s day

This year i am feeling incredibly blessed. i have so much in my heart that i am thankful for, but lack of sleep is leaving me at a loss for words. Thank goodness I already wrote my cards! So, I’ll just say this: I love/appreciate/admire my mothers more than words can say, and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mama these girls. It’s not always easy, or pretty, or fun, but it is the best job in the whole wide world. a true gift from God.