adalaide’s first birthday

it’s an interesting thing being pregnant and extra emotional when your baby turns one. i teared up during brian’s prayer for her at her party. i teared up looking back at the photos from her birth. and i could probably tear up right now just trying to put words to how much we love our little adalaide.

from the day i met her i’ve had this urge to just eat her, or squeeze her or kiss her to death. do you know what i mean, or does that sound creepy? some babies just do that to me, and she’s one of them {probably has a lot to do with her adorable chubby thighs}. she joined our family with such ease and made the transition to two kids incredibly easy and enjoyable. even through all her illness this winter, she’s been one of the least demanding babies i know.

she is a dynamic little thing. she’s  mostly loud, silly, and on the go all the time. but she can be very shy and reserved in certain settings. she wants her family right by her side at all times. she’s always been this way, so i’d venture to say it’s a part of her personality and not just stranger anxiety. she always warms up to new people and new settings-she just wants to do it on her terms and in her timing.

she is loving. so extremely loving, and affectionate.  please lord, let her always have such a loving spirit. she loves to snuggle and give hugs.  throughout the day she crawls over to me and gives me big, slobbery kisses-all on her own without me asking. when brian comes home from work she needs to spend a couple of minutes loving on him. if this time doesn’t happen, she’ll follow him around making it known that she needs something.

she loves her big sister. before having our second child i never would have imagined how fast a bond develops between siblings. even though the age gap is quite obvious at this stage, they really are buddies. she needs to be in the same room as finley at all times, eating the same food, and playing with the same toys. the cute thing is, for the most part finley loves it and reciprocates it. i love listening to them giggle and play together. seriously, there’s no better sound.

things that she loves: her blankie, baths, playing in finley’s bed, strawberries, sneaking into the bathroom to unroll the toilet paper, reading books, going to the park, and dancing.

this weekend we had some family over to celebrate her special day. it was the kind of party i think she’d ask for if she could-simple.

i made her a special pink cake, but wondered to myself if she’d actually eat it. she hasn’t had sugar before, and doesn’t particularly enjoy getting messy. 

sure enough, she hated it. she barely touched it and grimaced every time she had a taste of it.

on her actual birthday i made her something i knew she’d love. strawberries! covered in whip cream, of course, so i could get the classic ‘messy face’ picture.

we love our little adalaide may so much. this year with her has been such a joy, and she’s been such a blessing to our family. even though i’d love for her to stay our adorable chubby baby forever, we can’t wait to watch her grow into a little lady.

happy first birthday, adalaide!

and just for fun…


february is a good month. obviously we’ve got valentine’s day to celebrate, as well as mine and adalaide’s birthday. my birthday isn’t really that big of a deal to me, but i’ll tell ya what is…. my baby’s birthday. her FIRST birthday. We’re putting together a party that is fit just for her. small and simple, but a special party nonetheless. even though we’re only having a couple people over i couldn’t resist putting together an invitation- you know, for baby book purposes.




Our first baby turned THREE on friday! We celebrated her birthday with 7 of her friends, and their families, at Jubilee Farm. If you live in the Seattle area, you know that the weather this weekend couldn’t have been more gorgeous. Hallelujah! We had lots of fun going for a hay ride  out to the patch, picking pumpkins, doing a hay maze, and having a picnic lunch in the sunshine.  

finley had lots of fun helping me make these delicious treats for the favor bags.

party hats!


party favor bags

my proudest accomplishment, and finley’s very favorite element of the party

kid’s lunches

boxed up and ready to go

i’m sure i’ll think this every birthday, but i CANNOT believe she’s three!

dress up party

Last weekend Finley was invited to a darling dress up party. It was seriously the cutest party ever, from the theme, to the decorations, games and yummy food. Finley was thrilled that she got to wear her high heels out on the town.

i feel the need to mention:

:: adalaide weighs T.W.E.N.T.Y pounds. that puts her in the 95% for weight, and she is off the charts for height. i was wondering why i was having such difficulty hoisting her carrier around. now i know. and now we leave it in the car.

:: we are moving! within the next month we’ll be packin’ up our house, getting renters in here, and moving into one of my parents properties. my mom and dad are giving us a great family discount, so that we can maximize our saving and speed up the building process {cause we’re crazy and paying cash for everything-ahhh}. the house is much smaller than ours, and it’s…shall we say..  a “vintage” home. but we don’t care. we are so very excited to be in our ideal location…close to family, friends, cousins, and good schools! thanks so much mom and dad!!

:: finley will be having a birthday next month. she has requested a “farm party” so we’ll be giving her just that. since we have a lot on our plates next month, we’ll be keeping it small and simple. but, i couldn’t resist putting together an invitation. i’m still learning how to use photoshop, but i’m loving that it can be used for things other than photo editing. here’s her invitation, front and back.

now that i look at it, i’m slightly worried that brown and yellow looks a little poopy. oh well.
and finally…
:: i’ve been telling brian that i feel twice as pregnant as i actually am. i’m getting up at night to pee, my organs {?} feel like they’re already migrating around, and despite my best efforts my stomach is definitely protruding. turns out my uterus “is like a snow plow on a mission, pushing everything out of way”-my midwife’s words. i’ve been warned that i will “probably look and feel like i’m carrying multiples “!!! {you know, because it’s my third pregnancy, and because my body hasn’t had a lot of time to recover from no. 2} didn’t want to hear that. not one bit. maybe she’ll be wrong. probably not, but maybe.
that’s all for now!

a birthday celebration for mimi

This weekend we celebrated my mom’s birthday. The weather held out {barely} so we spent the morning at the fremont farmers market, and then came back to our house for a little birthday dinner.

{my new favorite dress on finley-from target}
{my grandparents finally got to meet adalaide}
{someone sure loves her baby sister}

a lot of randomness

man, oh man we’ve had a great weekend. brian was around, and the weather was beautiful-what more could you ask for! finley and i kicked off the weekend with a little tea party. when she woke up from naptime we got dressed up and had delicious treats out in the sun.
i pretty much loved every single picture i took of her, and since i’m sensing this is going to be a loooong post, you can check out the rest in the online album.
this little cutie woke up to join us
friday night we were snuggling with the girls in our bed. brian got caught up in the moment and suggested that finley have a sleepover in our bed. i had other plans for the night {i.e. catching up on lots of our shows in bed} but it was a night i’ll never forget that’s for sure. she’s never slept with us, so she was absolutely giddy. She probably told me 20 times that i was “the best mommy in the whole wide world”. and despite the fact that she used my face as her pillow, it was totally worth it.
finley made me out of play dough. this is the first time she’s ever made a person that actually resembles a person. don’t mind the fact that i have a tail. and don’t mind that it appears i’m giving the middle finger…
just being adorable
another one of brian’s crazy ideas was to set up our new pool. you know, because it was hotter than 60 degrees out.
brian with his signature look
of course it was a big hit. she kept screaming, “summer is here!!!”.
whew, that was a lot. can you believe we fit the zoo and church somewhere in there too?!

Finley is turning into quite the little poser. She climbed into Adalaide’s bed and requested that i take their photo. Brian had our camera with him at a job so i had to track down our old one, but i’m so glad i did.

This weekend we went to two parties sans finley who still can’t be around other little ones. As much as we missed her, Brian and I had so much fun hanging out with other adults and actually being able to finish our sentences and enjoy our meals. First we went to a co-ed wedding shower for Laura and Israel, friends from our community group. Two words: GOOD FOOD!

Then we went to cousin Lucy’s first birthday party. She is such a darling little peanut, and she definitely did not disappoint when it came time for digging into her pie!

I also was able to do some fun sewing projects for some special little babies that are arriving soon. Can’t post pictures though cause that would ruin the surprise.
I’ve been drooling over these darling little baby shoes on etsy, but i just can’t justify spending $30 on a pair of baby shoes that will fit for a few months, at the most. So, I attempted to make my own. Now i understand why they are so expensive. These things are time consuming! My sewing is awful, but from afar they are cute. I’m hoping they’ll turn out better with some more practice.
More photos from both parties in the online album.
Holy long post!

finley turns 2

Last week our little girl turned 2! On her actual birthday I asked her what she wanted to do to celebrate. She chose to go to the water park but since that’s impossible, her next choice was to go to the pet store. Very exciting, I know. The mice are her very favorite. Kinda creepy, huh.

We were going out for ice cream that night, and since candles don’t really work with an ice cream cone, she got a candle in her tofu.
The following weekend we got to celebrate her birthday with family and friends and lots of pink fluff.
birthday treats

the birthday girl got her own special jumbo cupcake.

party favors
the world’s cutest banner that Hillary let us borrow-thanks!
luckily i captured lots of pictures of the birthday girl before the party, because once it started i basically got nothing.
she insisted on wearing her pearl necklace.
finley says, “that’s my number two. my mommy maaaaaade it. it’s so pretty mommy”. we might leave it up a little longer.

not sure who ate more treats before the party, brian or finley.

the sneaky little girl somehow managed to get her hands on these without anyone noticing. but it was so cute i let her have one.

for about 2 hours finley was the proud owner of a kitty. but, we had to send this gift back with grandma…

party prep

This week my mom and I got together to make Finley’s birthday invitations and plan out some party details. Brian and I are trying to keep things small and simple this year, but I just couldn’t let her birthday go down without a little pink and cuteness. Thanks so much for all your help, mom. Can’t wait to see our ideas come together for her big day!