lyla’s first birthday

I can’t believe it’s taken me over a month to post about lyla girl’s first birthday. But, the sun has been shining, and sitting at the computer has taken a back seat, i suppose.

Her actual birthday fell on a saturday this year, so it worked out perfectly to have a small party to celebrate her first year of life. The weather was beautiful, she loved opening her gifts, and she devoured her whip cream & strawberry cake-success all around!

lyla was a pretty mellow baby, but as she neared one this crazy little personality started to emerge-or maybe explode.

it seemed like it happened overnight. she got real loud, and real mobile quick.

from the moment she learned to walk, she has been running, climbing, and getting herself into all sorts of precarious situations.

she is fearless, and i often find her perched on top of something, teetering near the edge, with a proud smile on her face.

she’s had countless bloody lips, bumps, and bruises. in fact, probably more than both her sisters put together.

she is very verbal, and already has lots of words.

{mama, dada, doggie, juice, all done, baby, uh oh, bye, night-night, binkie, and nana-for banana}

she loves to cart around her baby doll, color, and play outside.

she loves to play in the dirt, whether it be the garden or a mole hill. i really do love watching her play outside, but i do not enjoy giving her multiple baths a day.

{she really loved her card from finley}

she is extremely affectionate. she loves to be held, and freely gives out hugs and kisses. it’s quite adorable watching her show love to my friends or the women who take care of her at church.

she’s not quite 20 lbs yet, which makes her our smallest baby (hooray!!!). a funny fact: adalaide weighed 20 lbs at 6 months. isn’t that crazy?!

another funny fact: when adalaide was this old (13 months) i popped out lyla. can you believe that?! i most definitely cannot imagine having another baby right now.

lyla sleeps from 7 or 7:30 until 8, and takes two naps. this blessed sleep schedule came much later than it should have, but it’s here now. and i feel like a million bucks now that i’m finally well rested.

this year really flew by. i know we all say that as every year comes to a close, but this one seemed to fly by faster than normal. i have really struggled in the past, watching how fast our babies grow. feeling such joy in each new stage, but also saddness that time was going too fast for me. I still really wish that we could keep our little ones little for longer, but i’m focusing much more on the joy part. living in the moment, and being thankful for the time God has given us. it’s a good, freeing feeling and I’m thankful God’s been working on my heart.

Lyla came into our family when we were least expecting it. but, God’s timing and plan for our family has been more perfect than anything I could have orchestrated. She is a gift from God, and we are so blessed to be her parents.

and now i’m crying.

speaking of crying, here is the video of her birth. i cry every time i watch it, remembering how excited we were to meet her and hold her, and remembering how instantly my heart grew with love for our new daughter.

lyla, you are one very loved and adored little girl. happy first birthday!

photo dump

birthday girl

two year check up, and a belated 9 month check up for these two

adalaide is 28 lbs 50%

and 35 1/2 inches 90-95th%

lyla is 18 lbs, 10-25%

and almost 29 inches long 50%


tent time! finley asked me to take a ‘family photo’

finally got around to doing some decorating in lyla’s room.

 she is taking a few steps. still quite wobbly, but getting close!


lyla { 9 months}

i almost can’t stand how much love i have for this girl. i really think i might be obsessed with her. her dimple, her rolly polly thighs, her happy squeals, and open-mouthed kisses-  yes, i most certainly am obsessed with my lyla.

at nine months she is moving constantly- crawling, walking along furniture, standing briefly on her own. she has two teeth. she is a great eater, and quite amazing with fingers foods. she loves her binky and blankie. she loves bathtime, and playing with whatever toys her big sisters are using.

and by far my favorite ‘skill’ that she’s picked up is snuggling. she lays her head against my chest and it pretty much melts my heart. it’s funny because it’s not that obvious of a milestone, but i remember so clearly with each of the girls when they started doing it. 

happy nine months lyla girl!

on the move

just a few days after turning 6 months old lyla took off crawling.

when finley and adalaide learned to crawl i had some time to get around to baby proofing our house. not so with this girl. she figured out how to get where she wanted, and she hasn’t sat still since.  

lyla-6 months

my lyla girl,
 these six months with you have flown by. i try not to get sad about how fast you’re growing, but of course i can’t entirely help it.

this is my favorite thing to do. kiss your neck. the harder i do it, the harder you laugh.

your squishy thighs are a big hit around here.


it’s actually a bit funny how often people comment on your juicy little legs.

your one dimple is still the cutest thing i have ever seen. ever!

your 5th month was an exciting one:  you had your first taste of real food, your first round of ‘crying it out’, and your first cold.

you ate like a champ from the very first bite. so far you’ve had rice cereal, avocado, banana, and yort {homemade yogurt}. you love it all, but i’m going to have to modify things as you’ve joined the constipation club, just like your big sisters.

you are nearly crawling. i’m guessing any day now you’ll be doing it full-blown. right now you are able to make your way all around a room by rolling and army crawling. you are unbelievably strong-in my biased opinion :)

people tell me that you have your own look, but i actually think you are a perfect mix of finley and adalaide.

you love to play in your exersaucer and your favorite toy is sophie la girafe.

you also love your muslin blankies, and you need to have them tucked by your cheek while you sleep.

i love watching you interact with your sisters. you watch them all day long and love when they stop to play with you. they make you laugh so easily-it’s adorable.

lyla scott, you are such a blessing to our family. we love you.


happy half birthday!

summer fun and a 4 month old

 our family has had lots of fun stuff going on. the weather has actually been somewhat summery so we’ve been outside every waking moment. besides the normal summertime fun {park, swimming, picnics, etc…} we’ve been:

-dying at how cute adalaide looks in pigtails-

-pickin’ berries-

-playing with cousins-

-and wondering how in the heck  this sweet thing is 4 months old already-

lyla started rolling like crazy around 12 weeks. she rolls and rolls and before you know it she’s under a coffee table.

she loves standing in the exersaucer and is starting to play with the toys.

she has, or i should say “had” a tooth. it poked through the skin and then the next day it went back down. how cruel is that? {finley still holds the title for earliest tooth at 3 1/2 months}

sleep has not been so great this week :(

she babbles a lot. and she is really, really loud.

she might have restless leg syndrome. not really, but she shuffles her feet in a sort of jig while she’s sleeping. it’s funny and actually quite loud.

and she laughs, especially when you blow raspberries on her tummy.