lyla turns 3

I’ve been doing so good about not getting so emotional about how fast time is flying, and then…. lyla turned 3. It hit me hard for some reason, and I can’t even give it words. The poor girl ended up being sick on her birthday, so we only have photos from the morning.

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outtakes with lyla

I have been wanting to get some video of lyla talking before she’s too fluent and articulate. her voice is so cute, we basically think everything she says is adorable and hilarious. of course, she would not count, sing, or even tell me her name. I guess these outtakes will have to suffice. here’s our silly girl at 27 months.

quick rebound



i’m not sure if lyla never got better, or she came down with something else. but this is what our day looked like yesterday. she didn’t leave my arms all day, couldn’t hold anything down, and was pretty much miserable.


this morning however, she woke up in our bed demanding chips. chips? yes, she wanted chips.  later i found her doing a little table top performance. i’d say she’s on the road to recovery!

lyla is two!

our little lyla bug turned two this sunday. two. TWO! i’m not sure who gave her permission to have a birthday, but it most certainly wasn’t me. 1web on saturday we celebrated lyla, her baby cousin, auntie, uncle and gigi. they all have birthdays within a week! we had the yummiest brunch and the best time hanging out with our family.




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on sunday we went out for brunch after church with my parents. the girls were pretty stoked about getting bacon two days in row.

8web we came home for naps and the little birthday girl woke up with a really bad flu. it was soooooooooo sad to see her like that, especially on her special day. i tried to coax her into opening her gifts, but she wasn’t too into it. 


she just wanted to be held. so we spent the rest of the night (and the next day too) snuggling in a way that she would only allow while on her deathbed. it was bittersweet.

then adalaide and i got sick too. and that was just plain bitter.

happy birthday, to the most squeezable little two-year- old in all the land! we love you and all your crazy ways!


this weekend i brushed out lyla’s curls and pulled her hair back in her first pony tail. she looked so old, i almost coudn’t stand it! finley kept saying, ‘i know that’s lyla, but it just doesn’t really look like her’. our baby is growing up!