we had a really great easter this year. i started off the day with all my favorite babies and toddlers in the nursery at church. it was an exciting day in there with all the new faces visiting, and the ridiculous cuteness of baby boys in bow ties. but more than in anything, it was so neat to begin the day by remembering the simple truths of what easter is all about. we all took a nap and then went over to brian’s parents for an egg hunt, yummy dinner, and lots of fun with our cousins. it was a great day and i have too many photos to show it.

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valentine’s day

today hasn’t exactly gone as planned. we’ve had sickness in the house for…. i don’t even know how long. i’ve lost track. needless to say, there were no decorations this year. no homemade cards. i didn’t even get around to putting together the little treat boxes i bought. we did, however, start the day off with pancakes and pink whip cream.


and a coffee delivery. yay, and yay!


but, then a certain 5 year old started sassing a little too much, and had to have a very sad consequence. she’d be missing out on the vday party at my mom’s house. it was very upsetting. adalaide headed out to the celebration alone, and even though finley has gotten on with her day, it feels kinda off in the house.


 ^^^^^^these pictures are not posed. her and this doll are inseparable. kinda makes me wish she could have a baby sibling :)

5webcould you not just eat those toes!



hope your day is full of lots of love. and that the the rest of ours will be too :)