adalaide and lyla started a new session of ballet yesterday. this is lyla’s first time participating in an activity and she was sooooo proud of herself! she stuck right next to adalaide the whole time. i love that they are so close in age and can do stuff like this together! the teacher knew adalaide from last year’s class so she had her help “lead”. If you know adalaide, you understand how much this meant to my reserved girl. My heart was bursting watching her be so confident. I think she even let it go to her head a little, because when I was telling lyla what a great job she did, adalaide said “yeah, but she wasn’t really watching me like she was supposed to”. ha!

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huntington beach (part 3, disneyland)

IMG_20140925_103551We took the girls to Disneyland while we were in California. We were basically there for the entire (hot!) day and the girls were such troopers! I was worried that we had no strategy for how we would fit in all the rides/characters into one day, but somehow we managed. We even went on some of the big, scary rides with them. Lyla took the crown for being the most thrill seeking one in the bunch (shocking!). One of my favorite memories from the day, was after she was turned away from a big ride for being just a hair too short. I re-did her hairdo to poof it up, and she was able to do all the big stuff the rest of the day. She was so proud of our little trick, and she loves retelling the story. Other favorite parts were the thunder mountain train ride, Mickey and Minnie’s house, and the parade at the end of the night (featuring the elusive Anna and Elsa). It was such a great day, but I was thankful to back at the calm and serene beach the next day :)247 249 253 254 258 261 262 264 268 269 274 280 283 286 287 293 294 295 296 297 308 311 313
my one and only regret, was waiting until the very end of the night to try and get a picture of our whole family. we were even desperate enough to pay the official Disney photographer, but she was taking down her camera right as I asked her :(

etsy: girly edition

i’m feeling on top of the world right now. my mil came over to watch the girls this morning so i could go to mom’s group. it’s almost scary how much i enjoyed those few hours…having a peaceful car ride with my sister-in-law, being able to carry on a conversation without three billion interruptions. i love my little ones, but let’s just say i needed some ‘me time’. i feel like a new woman-thanks grandma!


my due date is sneaking up on us, and even though this girl doesn’t need a single thing, i still have the desire to get her {or make her} a little something. i’ve been looking on etsy for some special little girl things and these are some of my favorites…

from here

i’ll take one of these for all 3 girls. from here

and what the heck, i’ll take 3 of these as well. from here

can’t you just picture some chubby little legs in these!

this is my belated christmas gift that i’ll order after no. 3 makes her arrival. from here

i love etsy. and i love window shopping…especially for little girls.

dress up party

Last weekend Finley was invited to a darling dress up party. It was seriously the cutest party ever, from the theme, to the decorations, games and yummy food. Finley was thrilled that she got to wear her high heels out on the town.

a lot of randomness

man, oh man we’ve had a great weekend. brian was around, and the weather was beautiful-what more could you ask for! finley and i kicked off the weekend with a little tea party. when she woke up from naptime we got dressed up and had delicious treats out in the sun.
i pretty much loved every single picture i took of her, and since i’m sensing this is going to be a loooong post, you can check out the rest in the online album.
this little cutie woke up to join us
friday night we were snuggling with the girls in our bed. brian got caught up in the moment and suggested that finley have a sleepover in our bed. i had other plans for the night {i.e. catching up on lots of our shows in bed} but it was a night i’ll never forget that’s for sure. she’s never slept with us, so she was absolutely giddy. She probably told me 20 times that i was “the best mommy in the whole wide world”. and despite the fact that she used my face as her pillow, it was totally worth it.
finley made me out of play dough. this is the first time she’s ever made a person that actually resembles a person. don’t mind the fact that i have a tail. and don’t mind that it appears i’m giving the middle finger…
just being adorable
another one of brian’s crazy ideas was to set up our new pool. you know, because it was hotter than 60 degrees out.
brian with his signature look
of course it was a big hit. she kept screaming, “summer is here!!!”.
whew, that was a lot. can you believe we fit the zoo and church somewhere in there too?!

little girls are fun to shop for…

…even when they aren’t your own. One of my very favorite people is welcoming her second baby girl any day now. I had so much fun putting together a gift, some of it made, and some from my favorite children stores.

{ bibs }
{ skirts }
{ burp cloths }
{ romper from crazy 8 }
{ dress & shoes from H&M }
looking fancy in her party attire
her shower {thrown by her sisters} was so much fun. yummy food, darling decorations, and lots of newborn babies. 
i can’t wait to meet you baby girl isaacson! 

finley turns 2

Last week our little girl turned 2! On her actual birthday I asked her what she wanted to do to celebrate. She chose to go to the water park but since that’s impossible, her next choice was to go to the pet store. Very exciting, I know. The mice are her very favorite. Kinda creepy, huh.

We were going out for ice cream that night, and since candles don’t really work with an ice cream cone, she got a candle in her tofu.
The following weekend we got to celebrate her birthday with family and friends and lots of pink fluff.
birthday treats

the birthday girl got her own special jumbo cupcake.

party favors
the world’s cutest banner that Hillary let us borrow-thanks!
luckily i captured lots of pictures of the birthday girl before the party, because once it started i basically got nothing.
she insisted on wearing her pearl necklace.
finley says, “that’s my number two. my mommy maaaaaade it. it’s so pretty mommy”. we might leave it up a little longer.

not sure who ate more treats before the party, brian or finley.

the sneaky little girl somehow managed to get her hands on these without anyone noticing. but it was so cute i let her have one.

for about 2 hours finley was the proud owner of a kitty. but, we had to send this gift back with grandma…

our little ballerina

this week we had the pleasure of watching our friend’s daughters perform in a dance production. Unlike the “dancing” i did as a kid, they are the real deal. Sissy and elena are very talented and watching them was such a treat. is it just me that thinks dancers are just so cool? finley was totally mesmerized by all the dancers and their pretty costumes. she clapped along with the audience and yelled out “sissy!” and “elena!” when they were on stage. after it was over she put on her own show in the lobby…always such an entertainer.

finally an excuse to wear her tutu out of the house

elena and finley. how did we not get one with sydney?!