etsy: girly edition

i’m feeling on top of the world right now. my mil came over to watch the girls this morning so i could go to mom’s group. it’s almost scary how much i enjoyed those few hours…having a peaceful car ride with my sister-in-law, being able to carry on a conversation without three billion interruptions. i love my little ones, but let’s just say i needed some ‘me time’. i feel like a new woman-thanks grandma!


my due date is sneaking up on us, and even though this girl doesn’t need a single thing, i still have the desire to get her {or make her} a little something. i’ve been looking on etsy for some special little girl things and these are some of my favorites…

from here

i’ll take one of these for all 3 girls. from here

and what the heck, i’ll take 3 of these as well. from here

can’t you just picture some chubby little legs in these!

this is my belated christmas gift that i’ll order after no. 3 makes her arrival. from here

i love etsy. and i love window shopping…especially for little girls.


finley’s birthday is coming up.
we’ll be getting her one of these…
but if we won the lottery, she’d surely get some of these….
i should stop getting the catalog, because i never actually shop there.
but, it’s fun to peak.
and ps, i would totally wear all these myself.

some random information

:: In 46 hours our family is going on holiday, and i cannot possibly put into words how excited i am. brian has worked all but two days in the last 2 months. and oftentimes he comes home after his 10 hour day and does more work {checking out jobs, writing up bids, shopping for materials}. i am extremely thankful that his business thriving, and i know that this is his busiest season… BUT… i am so frickin’ excited to have lots and lots of time with him. i’m giddy just thinking about it!

:: i’ve had a few people inquire about my camera. it’s a nikon D 3000. i think it retails for around $500. I am embarrassed to say that I’ve had it for 6 months and I still don’t know anything about it. The only button I ever touch is the dial on top which switches the modes {portrait, outdoor, no flash, etc}. Someday I’d love to take a class to learn how to use it to it’s full potential. Maybe I could even learn how to take a decent indoor picture?!

:: I’ve also had several people ask about the flowers that you see the girls wearing. Crazy as it is, people have even been paying me to make them!! If you are crafty at all, they are really simple to make. There’s a few different styles.

One style involves cutting out and folding fabric circles. here’s a tutorial

Another style is made by sewing a ruffle and shaping it into a flower. i like using linen, because i like the frayed look.

The easiest one, in my opinion, involves burning the edges of a burnable fabric. i use silk.
mostly i use the flowers as hair accessories for the girls, but sometimes i like to use them for other fun
things, like…
someone had me make over-sized flowers to embellish her adorable flower girl dresses {i wanna see a pic!}
someone else had me make pins to give away as gifts for mother’s day.
and someone else used them to put on top of gifts {i love doing this too}.
i think they’re a fun accessory, and i do love getting my girls dolled up for special occasions.
hope this was helpful.

little girls are fun to shop for…

…even when they aren’t your own. One of my very favorite people is welcoming her second baby girl any day now. I had so much fun putting together a gift, some of it made, and some from my favorite children stores.

{ bibs }
{ skirts }
{ burp cloths }
{ romper from crazy 8 }
{ dress & shoes from H&M }
looking fancy in her party attire
her shower {thrown by her sisters} was so much fun. yummy food, darling decorations, and lots of newborn babies. 
i can’t wait to meet you baby girl isaacson!