what i’m loving about adalaide


my sweet adalaide. she’s got brian and i wrapped around her little finger. one little sideways glance from her and we can’t help ourselves. we squeeze her, and tickle her, and kiss her, and gobble her, and squeeze her some more. her big eyes, and little pursed lip smile is impossible to resist.


every morning we sleep/snuggle while the other girls sleep in. i’ve never been able to sleep with kids in the bed, but adalaide is the exception. she lays perfectly still and doesn’t make a peep. she nestles her head as close as can be to mine, and covers us both up with her blankie. i wish i could bottle up these moments with her (her smell and how warm her little body is), because our snuggle time is definitely a highlight of my day.


she eats so well. she loves food, and isn’t picky at all. she loves savory, flavorful foods and eats almost everything that brian and i eat. while i battle to get the other girls to eat certain foods, it is such a pleasure to see adalaide down a bowl of salad, tabouli, or whatever else is rejected by the other two.


how excited she is about her 3-year-old birthday. starting a few months ago she asked to have an ariel birthday party. during christmastime we tried to ask her what she wanted for a gift, her answer was always ‘an ariel party!’ her birthday is quickly approaching and i can’t wait to throw her a fabulous ariel celebration!


her obsession with bibles. i kid you not, she sleeps with about 6 or 7 children’s bibles and devotionals in her bed. lately she’s been bringing lyla into her bed and ‘reading’ to her from the bible. they will sit in her bed for a good half hour flipping through the pages, and if i dare come in the room i get sent away. ‘mommy, GO! i reading my bible to lyla!’ it’s pretty cute, and i guess if she’s going to hoard something there’s much worse things….


though she’s starting to sass a little bit, and i see some toddler characteristics emerging, she’s still got the sweetest, softest spirit. we love our little lamby girl so much and CAN NOT believe she’s nearly 3.

reason to celebrate!

we officially have only 1 child in diapers. hooray! adalaide was showing a lot of interest in the potty, so while we were in chelan we went for it. she picked it up so quickly, and only had a few accidents! we’re so proud of our big girl!

photo dump

birthday girl

two year check up, and a belated 9 month check up for these two

adalaide is 28 lbs 50%

and 35 1/2 inches 90-95th%

lyla is 18 lbs, 10-25%

and almost 29 inches long 50%


tent time! finley asked me to take a ‘family photo’

finally got around to doing some decorating in lyla’s room.

 she is taking a few steps. still quite wobbly, but getting close!


adalaide’s 2nd birthday

a few days ago our little adalaide turned two. we’re having a celebration for her this weekend, but i thought i’d share some photos from her actual birthday.


we started off with special treats


i let finley skip her nap so she could help me bake adalaide’s cake and wrap a couple gifts.

the finished result

showing off her new age!

adalaide { 18 months }

my adalaide. my sweet, sweet adalaide. she’s got something about her that is impossible to describe with words. it makes people fall in love with her wherever we go. it’s her sweet little smile, and twinkly green eyes. it’s the way she will snuggle with just about anyone. it’s the way she covers her mouth with both hands and giggles. the way she likes to very discreetly show off. her quiet, relaxed demeanor. the way she carefully loves on her baby sister.  i can’t tell you how many times i look at her throughout the day and think bless your heart, sweet girl. watching her grow into a little girl has been such a joy. thank you Lord, for our adalaide may!



lyla’s first week

It’s hard to believe our first week with Lyla is already behind us. She is the most tiny, snuggly, perfect little thing {i’m allowed to say that right?}. She eats like it is going out of style, sleeps most deeply during the day {argh!}, and has proven to have a high tolerance for noise and a certain ‘helpful’ sister shoving a binky in her eye. Our first couple days at home had me nervous, to be honest. Finley tried every naughty trick in the book to attract some extra attention, and Adalaide just wanted her mama to pick her up- which i wasn’t supposed to do right after my surgery. Of course things have calmed down, we’re settling in to life with 3 and trying to soak up every second of lyla’s newborn yumminess.

also, this week we took miss adalaide in for her 12 month check up {a little late-oops}

weight: 24 lbs 75th %

height: 32 in. above 100th %

you’d think that her ginormous legs would have her walking by now. no. close, but not quite yet.

the latest

:: we’ve spent lots of time hanging at home-baking, organizing baby stuff, and relaxing

:: brian has been working 6 or 7 days a week in preparation for slowing down in april. i don’t like it. not one bit.

:: adalaide is OBSESSED with her doll. she lays on it, kisses it, and pokes the eyes. it’s quite cute, but also slightly worrisome as i’ll never be able to leave her and the baby in the same room alone.

:: adalaide is saying “dada” {first official word} “mama” and “nigh-night”

:: after 3 1/2 years finley watched her first real movie-the little mermaid. she is hooked!

:: i’m starting to get a little nervous about adding another baby into the mix. we always assumed adalaide would be walking by the time the baby came, and since she most likely won’t be i’m wondering what life will be like with two babies on my hip. there are moments {like at fred meyer when i have to pee while holding ada, while swatting away finley’s hand before she sticks it in the sanitary disposal thing, while pulling up my maternity jeans with one hand} that i seriously think, oh man what’s it gonna be like with 3! I know we’ll just make it work, and pretty soon i won’t know any different. But i know it’s going to be a big adjustment, and i’m a little nervous.

that being said,

:: I am so stinkin’ excited to meet this baby. i snuggled a tiny newborn last night and it made it so real/exciting that we’ll be holding our own girl in a few weeks. i cannot wait.

:: also, in case you are wondering why my head is cut off in all my photos, it’s not me trying to be artistic. it’s very tricky to take a picture with the self timer. perhaps i need to solicit my husband for help next time…