my laundry pal

it’s my favorite when adalaide rocks her headbands boho style. i think she looks so old-fashioned. we were folding laundry on this very dreary day, but i still had to snap a few pictures of my sweet girl. 1 copy

5 copy

7 copy

2 copy14 copy

6 copy

8 copy

adalaide is three (part 1)

we had the best time celebrating adalaide turning three. we kicked things off with a little party for her family and friends.

adalaides mermaid invite



10web11web13webb26web14web15web16web17webwe had more treats later that night with daddy.


the next night we went out on her birthday date- just her and mommy and daddy. i can’t say enough how much they love doing this, and it’s really fun for us too! she chose to have dinner and red robin (shocker) and got to pick out a little gift afterwards (a princess sticker book).

29web28web^^^^^^^ double birthday sundaes :)

adalaide’s loving:

last night i was laying in bed with adalaide, tucking her in. she was kissing my forehead over and over, and being oh-so-sweet. out of the blue she said:

‘i love mommy. and tabouli. and i love caprese. and watching the cooking show. and going night-night in you bed. and i love god, and daddy, and finley, and lyla. and i love going like dis (snuggles in closer to my face)’.

one to remember, for sure.