finley goes to kindergarten

I have such mixed emotions about my first baby going to kindergarten. even though she’s been a little nervous, today she didn’t show any nerves. she basically ran into her class and left us in the dust, which  was good because I couldn’t have handled her looking sad. I am really excited for her. I know she’s ready. I know she’ll love school. but i’m grieving the fact that i’ll never have her home with me all day, every day. time is going too fast for me, and that’s hard. I will miss her, for sure.

she was really excited about getting all dolled up for her first day. she actually wanted me to take pictures of her, so I snapped away….

(and take note of that cute gap in her teeth. the tooth fairy visited us twice in Huntington beach!)





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2 thoughts on “finley goes to kindergarten

  1. beautiful pictures, beautiful post, i love how you made the day special with the fun after school snack. and i love that brain got to go with you. oh yea, I cried like a baby. she looks so grown up

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