outtakes with lyla

I have been wanting to get some video of lyla talking before she’s too fluent and articulate. her voice is so cute, we basically think everything she says is adorable and hilarious. of course, she would not count, sing, or even tell me her name. I guess these outtakes will have to suffice. here’s our silly girl at 27 months.

3 thoughts on “outtakes with lyla

  1. I am so glad you captured her sweet voice on video to remember forever! Her vocabulary is something else, thanks to the big sisters for that! what a pip that lil peanut is, keeps us all laughing for sure.

  2. That girl is something else! What a spit fire! I love looking at her- especially with her hair pulled back. Her little face lights up the whole room…. plus she is so full of it! She can really keep a party going :)

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