adalaide and lyla started a new session of ballet yesterday. this is lyla’s first time participating in an activity and she was sooooo proud of herself! she stuck right next to adalaide the whole time. i love that they are so close in age and can do stuff like this together! the teacher knew adalaide from last year’s class so she had her help “lead”. If you know adalaide, you understand how much this meant to my reserved girl. My heart was bursting watching her be so confident. I think she even let it go to her head a little, because when I was telling lyla what a great job she did, adalaide said “yeah, but she wasn’t really watching me like she was supposed to”. ha!

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huntington beach (part 3, disneyland)

IMG_20140925_103551We took the girls to Disneyland while we were in California. We were basically there for the entire (hot!) day and the girls were such troopers! I was worried that we had no strategy for how we would fit in all the rides/characters into one day, but somehow we managed. We even went on some of the big, scary rides with them. Lyla took the crown for being the most thrill seeking one in the bunch (shocking!). One of my favorite memories from the day, was after she was turned away from a big ride for being just a hair too short. I re-did her hairdo to poof it up, and she was able to do all the big stuff the rest of the day. She was so proud of our little trick, and she loves retelling the story. Other favorite parts were the thunder mountain train ride, Mickey and Minnie’s house, and the parade at the end of the night (featuring the elusive Anna and Elsa). It was such a great day, but I was thankful to back at the calm and serene beach the next day :)247 249 253 254 258 261 262 264 268 269 274 280 283 286 287 293 294 295 296 297 308 311 313
my one and only regret, was waiting until the very end of the night to try and get a picture of our whole family. we were even desperate enough to pay the official Disney photographer, but she was taking down her camera right as I asked her :(